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The Power of the Mass

The Power of the Mass

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The Power of the Mass is for you! It is the sacrifice of sacrifices, because it is the sacrifice of God for us. There is NO better activity that anyone in the entire world can do than attend a Mass in the state of grace, and receive Jesus in the Eucharist. Like the Blessed Virgin Mary, we become living tabernacles of God after Communion! Through time and space, we connect with the original Last Supper ( the Church does not re-sacrifice Jesus at each Mass; rather, each Mass is a re-creation of the original Mass).

You can have an intention for each Mass that you attend and you can have intentions for the prayers of the faithful. You can also have the Mass said for a particular intention by calling the Parish Secretary and having the Priest announce the intention at the Mass. Why? Because of the spiritual benefits that occur at the Mass.

In the “Our Father” prayer, we pray to “give us this day our DAILY bread”, and the Catholic Church fulfils this with Daily Masses. This is evidence exactly in Acts 2:46, where the Apostles met daily for the breaking of bread. So take advantage of the all of these spiritual blessings for YOU by attending as many daily Masses as possible. When you meet Jesus face to face, the number of Masses you attended while alive will plead loudly for your salvation.


Extract From: CATHOLIC  HYMN BOOK, New Revised Edition 2016, page 382



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