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the forgiveness of sins

The Tenth Article of the Creed

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  1. What is the tenth article of the Creed?

The tenth article of the Creed is, ‘the forgiveness of sins’.

  1. What do you mean by ‘the forgiveness of sins’?

By the forgiveness of sins I mean that Christ has left the power of forgiving sins to the Pastors of his Church. (John 20:23)

  1. By what means are sins forgiven?

Sins are forgiven principally by the Sacraments of Baptism and Penance.

  1. What is sin?

Sin is an offence against God, by any thought, word, deed, or omission against the law of God.

  1. How many kinds of sin are there?

There are two kinds of sin, original sin and actual sin.

  1. What is original sin?

Original sin is that guilt and stain of sin which we inherit from Adam, who was the origin and head of all mankind.

  1. What was the sin committed by Adam?

The sin committed by Adam was the sin of disobedience when he ate the forbidden fruit.

  1. Has all mankind contracted the guilt and stain of original sin?

All mankind has contracted the guilt and stain of original sin, except the Blessed Virgin and her Divine Son, through whose foreseen merits she was conceived without the least guilt or stain of original sin.

  1. What is this privilege of the Blessed Virgin called?

This privilege of the Blessed Virgin is called the Immaculate Conception.

  1. What is actual sin?

Actual sin is every sin which we ourselves commit.

  1. How is actual sin divided?

Actual sin is divided into mortal sin and venial sin.

  1. What is mortal sin?

Mortal sin is a serious offence against God.

  1. Why is it called mortal sin?

It is called mortal sin because it is so serious that it kills the soul and deserves hell.

  1. How does mortal sin kill the soul?

Mortal sin kills the soul by depriving it of sanctifying grace, which is the supernatural life of the soul.

  1. Is it a great evil to fall into mortal sin?

It is the greatest of all evils to fall into mortal sin.

  1. Where will they go who die in mortal sin?

They who die in mortal sin will go to hell for all eternity.

  1. What is venial sin?

Venial sin is an offence which does not kill the soul, yet displeases God, and often leads to mortal sin.

  1. Why is it called venial sin?

It is called venial sin because it is more easily pardoned than mortal sin.

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