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Stop Abortion, Contraception and Euthanasia
Stop Abortion, Contraception and Euthanasia

Stop Abortion, Contraception and Euthanasia

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Abortion is one of the principal crimes for which God is going to chastise the world. The rate of abortion in these days is so terrible. The Eternal Father lamented while talking through a mystic, ” I’m sick of what is happening in your world. I’m sick of the same -sex marriage. I’m sick of the amount of abortions. Do you know that in 1990 there were three, billion five hundred million abortions, (3,500,000,000). In 2003 there were twelve billion (12,000,000,000) abortions ”.

Mr. Golden defined contraception thus: the intentional prevention of the fertilisation of the human ovum by special devices, drugs and techniques. Basically, whatever seeks to prevent conception is called a contraceptive.

The CCC declares that Euthanasia (modern method of suicide by taking drugs) “which consists in putting an end to the lives of the handicapped, sick or dying is morally unacceptable.” Such are committed in order to eliminate suffering or chronic severe pains and diseases. These crosses eliminate or shorten ones purgatory. Indeed, suffering is redemptive. The devil knows this, so he introduced Euthanasia and even traditional suicide, through this act, suffering, sickness and pain, which save souls are eliminated, while the person dies by taking his life, committing murder and heading for hell fire. The reasons for this practice is similar to those advanced for abortion and contraception, namely: elimination of suffering, pain, inconvenience. Pope John Paul II refers to abortion, Euthanasia, contraception and wars, which ultimately eliminates human life as a “culture of death”


Daily Prayer For the Baptism of Aborted Babies

Heavenly Father, Your love is eternal. In Your ocean of love You
saved the world through Your only begotten Son Jesus Christ. Now,
look at Your only Son on the Cross who is constantly bleeding for love
of His people and forgive Your world. Purify and baptize aborted
children with the Precious Blood and water from the sacred side of
Your Son, Jesus Christ, who hung dead on the Cross for their
salvation; in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy
Ghost. May they, through the holy death of Jesus Christ, gain
everlasting life, through His wounds be healed and through His
Precious Blood be freed, there to rejoice with the Saints in Heaven.

Through this prayer a large number of innocent unborn babies will
be saved. Say it daily and make it known to the whole world. Anyone
who teaches it will not be lost. The innocent souls in heaven will not
let him become lost, I with My love and mercy, will protect him from
falling into mortal sin. My son, I suffer more greatly for the flow of the
blood of unborn babies that increases everyday. Their blood disturbs
heaven more than the blood of Abel.” (Agonising Jesus Christ
Massage 29/7/98).

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