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What God thinks about abortion
What God thinks about abortion

What God thinks about abortion

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Abortion is one of the principal crimes for which God is going to chastise the world. The rate of abortion in these days is so terrible. The Eternal Father lamented while talking through a mystic,

” I’m sick of what is happening in your world. I’m sick of the same-sex marriage. I’m sick of the amount of abortions. Do you know that in 1990 there were three, billion five hundred million abortions, (3,500,000,000). In 2003 there were twelve billion (12,000,000,000) abortions ”.

Stop Abortion

It is a pity that the modem man kills twice the world population in the womb and we call ourselves the age of knowledge and wisdom, while we have fallen beyond senseless animals. Goats and Monkeys cannot kill their young ones in the womb. The Eternal Father referred to every act that thwart conception (i.e contraception) as an abortion – “My lesson continues. I wish to declare again that those who will have an abortion or have had an abortion at any stage in the pregnancy shall suffer greatly if they have not confessed this sin and engaged in sacrifice to amend it. People must understand that from the moment of conception when a cell of the woman and a cell of the man come together to begin life, that is the moment the soul enters the person. Therefore, any acts which prohibit the development of a person through birth control pills, through various devices inserted in the vagina of a woman, any kind of disruption in the process of pregnancy, is considered by Me as an abortion.. Therefore, every person who has ever taken birth control pills, every person who has used devices, every person who has gone to an abortionist to get abortion, and all of those who have acquiesced to such, every person who has helped in the process of killing babies, every person, including the doctors and nurses, receptionists, and parents and family and all who have supported such activity will suffer the same scourging (Dr. M. J. Even, Dec. 2003).

The Bible says that woman will be saved by child-bearing (Tim.2: 15). Jesus Christ re-affirmed it in a message to Sis. Julka, He said: the mothers who have given offspring to the world will be saved through the birth of their children, although they have lived committing venial sins, good mothers who have educated their children for heaven, will find their eternal joy. But in these days there are only a few women left who are worthy to bear the name of mother. Those parents to whom I give children should accept them and train them for Me. I did not institute marriage for the body s enjoyment; I instituted it to bring Me fruits and, indeed as long as the mother’s fertility lasts, I desire My earth and My heaven to be filled with the children of men. He who will not bring Me the fruits of marriage should not enter the married state, he should remain unmarried, and live celibate and chaste. The woman who do not want to bear children may not approach My table to receive My Sacred Body. They are not worthy of Me. Conception prevention of any sort is sinful (Excerpt from Jesus calls us). Therefore, it is very clear that the pains of child-bearing and difficulties of child up-bringing, a task imposed on women by God (Gen. 3: 16) is also the source of grace and heavenly merits for women. To cut it short is to cut the ladder that leads to heaven.


Daily Prayer For the Baptism of Aborted Babies

Heavenly Father, Your love is eternal. In Your ocean of love You
saved the world through Your only begotten Son Jesus Christ. Now,
look at Your only Son on the Cross who is constantly bleedingfor love
of His people and forgive Your world. Purify and baptize aborted
children with the Precious Blood and water from the sacred side of
Your Son, Jesus Christ, who hung dead on the Cross for their

salvation; in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy
Ghost. May they, through the holy death of Jesus Christ, gain
everlasting life, through His wounds be healed and through His
Precious Blood befreed, there to rejoice with the Saints in Heaven.

Through this prayer a large number of innocent unborn babies will
be saved. Say it daily and make it known to the whole world. Anyone
who teaches it will not be lost. The innocent souls in heaven will not
let him become lost, L with My love and mercy, will protect him from
falling into mortal sin. My son, I suffer more greatly for the flow of the
blood of unborn babies that increases everyday. Their blood disturbs
heaven more than the blood of Abel.” (Agonising Jesus Christ
Massage 29/7/98).

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