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THE INCARNATION Of Jesus Christ, is one of the Church teaches, that He:
I – ···(i) was GOD, in the full sense,
··· ···(ii) MAN, in the full sense,
··· ···(iii) yet ONE PERSON.
II – WAS BORN of a woman, yet had no human father (this is the dogma of the VIRGIN BIRTH).
III – DIED upon the Cross, ROSE again, body and soul; and after a certain period departed from His visible life on earth.
IV – This death, then, was a supreme act of worship to God; a SACRIFICE OF OBEDIENCE which better than annuls Adam’s disobedience, for it was truly offered by man, since Christ was man, and was fully worthy of God, since He was God. Though all the acts of Our Lord, being those of a divine Person, were infinitely satisfactory to God, God attached the consummation of our Redemption to the consummation of Our Lord’s life, namely. His death freely died upon the Cross. Since in order to appropriate that Death and its benefits we have to incorporate ourselves in Christ, He is truly said to have died for us, but not just instead of us.
V – His death is also a symbol of that terrible sin which slays the supernatural life in the soul, for on the Cross Christ represented sinful man for whom He was atoning; so, too, His resurrection was the symbol and promise of our restoration, as well as a proof that in Him that Life is indestructible.

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