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Catholic Dogma: THE REDEMPTION

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Continuation from:  Catholic Dogma: THE FALL AND ORIGINAL SIN . 


I – God did not will, however, that this deprivation should be final. Yet we cannot, by our natural efforts, ever win a supernatural thing. The supernatural life had to be given back to us. God might have done this in many ways.

II – He chose to do it through a SECOND ADAM, that is, a second Representative of the race, in whom we might be incorporated, as we were in the First Adam.

Ill – But He did more than He originally did. He did not simply create a second man, merely human, who should have the chance of making the right choice.
God’s Son, the Second Person of the Trinity, was Himself to become man, not only receiving, but containing, by nature, that supernatural Life, inasmuch as He is God.

IV – If, then, men by their free choice – itself necessarily assisted, though not of course coerced by grace – make themselves one with the Second Adam, they unite themselves to the source itself of supernatural life, and are better than restored to the position they had lost.

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