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Most Holy Trinity
Most Holy Trinity

Catholic Dogma: THE HOLY TRINITY

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Catholic Dogma on the Holy Trinity


  1. The Catholic Church teaches that;
    (i) GOD is, and can only be ONE as to His Nature; yet that,
    (ii) GOD is, not only One, but THREE as to His Personality.
    That this is so is
    (a) a dogma, that of the Holy Trinity;
    (b) a Mystery:

    That is, a truth guaranteed to us by God, but such in its nature that the human intellect cannot adequately grasp it. Theology may discuss it, but cannot explain it fully, being but human thought dealing with what is by nature above human thought.

  2. The ” Three ” in God are named ” Persons,” because in them is at least all that we mean by Personality, without the limitations of human personality. They are respectively named Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, partly because of the special relation they are to be thought of, by us, as bearing to one another; and also, because of the special relations in which we stand to them. In practice, the Catholic worships the Father as his Creator and Providence, the Son as his Redeemer, and the Spirit as living in him and sanctifying him; and the Three as being none the less One God, equal to one another and possessing one identical Nature and Substance.This may be illustrated by Human Nature, which requires two distinct persons for its completeness, male and female, while its personalities may be multiplied indefinitely. God’s Nature is One and yet requires three Personalities, and having these is utterly complete and incapable of further communication. How? Why? Herein lies the Mystery of the Trinity.
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