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The Church teaches that:

  1. I – GOD GAVE THIS SUPERNATURAL LIFE TO THE FIRST MAN AND WOMAN He created, so that they not only had a human body and a human indestructible soul, and duties of natural worship and obedience to God’s law, but a supernatural life of grace and a destiny of supernatural union with Him.
  2. II – But the human soul has the faculty of free will. God would not therefore force this special privilege on them, but allowed them to reject it if they chose. He made it a conditional gift, dependent on their obedience to a special command addressed by Him to them.
  3. III – They disobeyed this command, and He therefore withdrew His special gift of supernatural life, and left them merely on the natural level.
    This is the dogma of THE FALL: i.e., THE REJECTION OF A SUPERNATURAL LIFE.
  4. IV – But the first man was regarded as no mere isolated unit, but “socially,” i.e., as representative of the race. In his deprivation, therefore, the race was involved; and his descendants were born deprived of that special Life they were intended to have. This is the dogma of ORIGINAL SIN: i.e., our lack of a supernatural life intended for us.
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