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History of Popes

The Second African Pope

Pope_Miltiades second African Pope

St Miltiades, was the second African Pope, born in Africa, he was elected on the 2nd July 311 and died on the 11 January, 314. During his pontificate the emperor Constantine, after the vision “in hoc signo Vinces” issued his decree of tolerance for the Christian Faith. Blessed bread dates from his time. He constructed the Basilica of St John Lateran. ...

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The man who was Pope 3 times (Benedict IX)

Benedict IX

Who is Benedict IX at a glance? He was born in Rome, was elected in 1036 but was 20 years of age when he ascended the throne. He forced the king of Behomia to return the relics of St Adalbert of prague. Eventually he took refuse in the Monastery of Gorttaferrata. He was elected Pope three times. Pope Benedict IX was ...

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The First African Pope

Pope Victor 1

Pope Victor I, was a bishop of Rome, The First African Pope, in history of the Catholic Church, during the late second century. The date of birth of St. victor is unknown, but we do know that he was Pope from 26 May 189 – 28 July 199 (10 years, 63 days). There is a Second Africa Pope How do we know he was pope? The Liber Pontificalis (“Book ...

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