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Archbishop William Edward Lori and Pope Francis

9 Quotes from Archbishop William Edward Lori

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Archbishop William Edward Lori (born May 6, 1951) is an American prelate of the Catholic Church who has served as the archbishop of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, Maryland since 2012.

Archbishop Lori had previously served as the fourth Bishop of Bridgeport, Connecticut from 2001 until 2012. Prior to taking that post he served as an auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Washington from 1995 until 2001. Lori is known for his opposition to government actions requiring religious groups to provide coverage for abortion and contraceptives.

  1. “Let us not shrink from entering the public square to proclaim the person of Christ, to teach the values that flow from reason and faith, to uphold our right to go about our daily work in accord with our teachings and values.”
  2. “We are recognizing that a culture of life is also a culture of freedom and that a culture of death is a culture of oppression, indeed a dictatorship of relativism…Through (Mary’s) intercession, may we be given the wisdom, courage and strength we need to employ our God-given liberty to protect life, to strengthen the family and to continue contributing mightily to the common good of society for the good of our nation, for the up-building of the church and for the salvation of souls.”
  3. “When we arrive late for Mass, we forfeit almost any opportunity to put ourselves into a good frame of mind and heart for the Eucharist. We miss the chance to speak to the Lord in private prayer before Mass begins. We pass up the chance to recollect ourselves and to ask forgiveness for our sins that hinder us from opening our hearts to the redeeming love Jesus wants to share with us in and through the Eucharist.”
  4. “If we were invited to a talk given by our favorite athlete or author, we’d make sure we didn’t miss a word. Yet when the Lord comes to us in the power of the Holy Spirit to speak to us in the words of eternal life, we find ourselves a few blocks away from church, perhaps with music or news bombarding our senses.”
  5. “Participation in the Eucharistic prayer requires attentive listening to the Word of God. The Mass, after all, is not like a football game with two parts interrupted by a half-time show (the homily). Rather, the Mass is a single act of worship. By listening to the revealed Word of God in Scripture and by reflecting on its meaning for our lives, we are prepared to enter, heart and soul, into Christ’s ultimate act of love — his saving death and glorious resurrection. We are prepared to experience, all over again, the depth of His love for us and for the whole Church to whom His loves unites us.”
  6. “If we think of the Eucharist as the banquet of Christ’s sacrifice, people who leave early choose not to linger with their ‘host’ and fellow guests. Instead, they rush back into the rough and tumble daily life with little or no opportunity to adore the one whom they have received, the one whose Spirit unites us to the Father and to one another.”
  7. “I propose increased opportunities for Eucharistic adoration. Far from detracting from the celebration of the Eucharist and far from privatizing the Eucharist, Eucharistic adoration increases our capacity to believe in the Eucharistic mystery, to participate in its celebration with devotion and joy, and to go forth in charity to serve the needs of others.”
  8. “Eucharistic adoration prolongs the joy and gratitude we should feel at every Mass and gives us the opportunity to deepen our friendship with the Savior who loves us so profoundly.”
  9. “If more Catholics spent more time in Eucharistic adoration, I think two things would happen: many who have abandoned the regular practice of the faith might well rediscover it. And those who have acquired the bad habit of arriving late for Mass and leaving early might want to linger instead — to spend time with the Lord who thirsts for our Love.”
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